Exdion Insurance Panel Presents Paths to Digitalization at Applied Net User Conference

Exdion Insurance Panel Presents Paths to Digitalization at Applied Net User Conference

AI is key to efficiency, growth, increased revenue, and better results for brokers and carriers

PLANO, Texas–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Brokers and carriers can achieve the benefits of AI-driven technology and accomplish a smooth transition with staff and existing systems, according to experts speaking at the Applied Net User Conference on October 23, 2023, in Las Vegas, NV.

“The key to successful adoption is approaching this transformation with an end-to-end solution, as opposed to looking for spot solutions,” said Steven Salar, President, Exdion Insurance. “It’s also essential to consider how the roles of staff at all levels will improve, and involve them in the process so that they are excited, not threatened, by this monumental change.”

The adoption of AI, including generative AI, will allow brokers and carriers to achieve greater efficiencies in operations, find new sources of revenue, and gain insights into company operations that improve performance throughout the firm. Its major benefit may be in freeing staff from performing mundane tasks, and allowing them to focus on more meaningful work, on client interaction, and on delivering superior customer service. Gaining staff buy-in for this change is imperative in order to meet the expectations of today’s buyers. A recent survey by McKinsey verified that customers today expect a different type of customer experience, and that a firm’s ability to meet that expectation is tied to staff morale and employees’ enthusiasm for their jobs.

Exdion Insurance recently announced the launch of its end-to-end consulting service, to help brokers and carriers take a holistic approach to digital transformation. With expertise of proven AI tools and practices grounded in the insurance industry, as well as a “people first” approach, brokers and carriers can:

  • More quickly extract data beyond what is available through machine learning and make it meaningful for the management team.
  • Build bridges between brokers and carriers.
  • Support their skilled staff in leveraging their capabilities to keep and acquire customers.
  • Find new ways to use data for business intelligence.
  • Support and improve compliance.

Members of the panel “Lessons From the Frontline: A People-First Approach in the New World of AI” included:

  • Steven Salar, President, Exdion Insurance
  • Dana Beals, Insurance Agency Operations Consultant, Dana Beals Consulting, LLC
  • Jeff Smith, Director of Automation and Systems Optimization, Insurance Office of America


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