Exdion Certificate Compliance

The Certificate Compliance Platform offers contract compliance review that focuses on certificates and other related insurance policy documents. It analyzes and manages contractual relationships with insurance agency vendors. 


  • Enhanced Automated Compliance to verify vendor certificates.

  • Visual Indicators to highlight compliant & non-compliant items.

  • E-mail alerts & tasks to track compliance & expirations.

Insurance Certificate Compliance Platform

Partner with Exdion & be future ready.

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  • Streamlines communication & tracking between Client, Agency, and Vendors.

  • Improves client retention – quick aid to client/vendors on having adequate coverage.

  • Compliance with regulatory standards on new coverages and avoid regulatory penalties, fines, and expensive lawsuits.

  • 33% - Cost reduction per certificate.

  • Minimizes E&O Exposures.

How The Platform Works?

  • Easy to use web application – guiding subcontractors along the way.

  • A collaborative platform for CSRs to approve and share contractual docs.

  • Keeps track of all the contractual documents uploaded/received by client/vendor – provides Audit Trail with version history.

  • Imports bulk documents instantly.


Client Testimonials - Decision Drivers

“We were used to manually checking policies and with our rapid growth, we were concerned that we might be limiting ourselves. Policy checking is time consuming and can impact our teammates’ ability to invest time in our customers. We were searching for a technology solution to both free up our team and reduce the potential of errors and omissions.”   He explained that “After considering various options, Exdion Policy Check, was clearly the best solution due to the fast turn-around time, ease of use, time savings on the back end and the degree of accuracy that we demand. Now, our team can focus better on our clients and other custom-tailored solutions we offer to them.”

Jason Vandeberghe
Profit Center Leader at Brown & Brown of Michigan

“It was a fairly easy decision for us. Policy checking was always a heavy process that took a lot of time away from our quality control team. As an agency, we pride ourselves on our processes and place emphasis on delivering a superior customer experience. With ExdionPOD, we expect to significantly cut down the time taken to check policies and also extract costs savings and efficiency.”

Cody Mast
Commercial Operations Manager at Hummel

“We are very excited to work with the team at ExdionPOD.  We have been heavily investing in technology over the last four years. One of our key areas of focus is to automate but only where it makes sense, which for us is defined by enabling our team to more efficiently, effectively, and individually service our clients and customers. ExdionPOD makes perfect sense.  By using the platform, we will be able to re-allocate time away from manual document processing and into time spent enhancing our relationships with and properly advising our clients.  ExdionPOD enables us to continue to raise the standard for the high-quality services we provide.”

Judson Norton
Managing Principal at Erwin

“At Iroquois, our focus is on providing value to our member agencies. ExdionPOD is a powerful platform that significantly cuts down the time required to check policies. In the current context, this allows agencies to refocus their energies on client relationships and risk advisory roles.”

Charlie Venus
VP Middle market, and Specialty at Iroquois Group

“Our operations teams were looking to improve efficiency in the policy checking process and we knew that it had to be done through technology. After reviewing multiple other technologies and solutions in the market, we chose ExdionPOD. We find that ExdionPOD is a reliable solution that can bring in tangible cost savings and efficiency improvements to our organization.”

Vikash Kaul
Chief Technology Officer at EPIC
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