M&A Services: The Smarter Way With AI

Exdion's AI data extraction capabilities empower buyers to enhance their appetite for acquisitions by adding value during both pre and post-M&A activities.

Pre-Acquisition Due Diligence Activities - Agency Block Analysis of a Portfolio

  • Swiftly collect, cleanse, and harmonize data using specified parameters (e.g., lines of business, premium amounts, time in force/retention, geography, claims history, etc.).
  • Offer timely information (raw data, dashboards) for valuation analysis (price), and support in financial bids for acquisition.
  • Create and maintain an inventory/library of prior agencies/business blocks for cross-referencing in future acquisitions, enhancing the evaluation process and identifying potential synergies or challenges.

Post-Acquisition Excellence – Key Activities for Seamless Integration & Growth

  • Post-Merger Compliance
  • Monitor the performance of acquired agencies or blocks of business.
  • Evaluate whether the firm is performing as expected, considering the pre-acquisition assumptions/promises, including contractual obligations.
  • Leverage data and analytics to assist with future acquisitions in terms of desire to purchase and valuation analysis (price).

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We are passionate about the potential of artificial intelligence to give your insurance business the edge to thrive in a digital world.

We aren’t here to make your business more complex. But we will smooth out and flatten the processes and give your business an end-to-end service which may mean you have less third-parties, vendors and outsourcing arrangements to manage.

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AI flattening the Process


Touch points in your likely broker or agency business – a zig zag of time and repetition, can be flattened using AI.

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If you are planning for your future business success, and are ready to talk about enhancing your profitability with artificial intelligence and machine learning, please contact us to arrange a confidential, preliminary discussion with our AI and business transformation leadership.

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