AI-Led Human-in-the-Loop Outsourcing

We solve business challenges with the right mix of people, processes, and technology.

We provide end-to-end expertise in the Insurance Policy Lifecycle. Our full-cycle, technology-enabled managed services support your team in achieving its full potential.

Exdion has created a suite of proprietary frameworks to help enhance, accelerate, automate, and augment processes and business decisions that drive growth and profitability. Our experienced insurance professionals leverage these frameworks to deliver intelligently automated business processes, with the "Human in the Loop". At Exdion, it is a constant process where we learn, unlearn, and relearn to deliver the best services and business outcomes for our clients. Our teams use a combination of deep insurance industry knowledge, AI, process automation, and data technologies to deliver fully managed services.

Our Experts

Exdion prides itself on harnessing the expertise of the insurance industry's finest professionals, with collective experience spanning over 250 years in risk comprehension. Our team comprises insurance-trained and certified experts, blending a distinctive combination of insurance acumen, process proficiency, and technological prowess. With a commitment to excellence, they craft and implement highly efficient workflows designed to ensure optimal experiences for both colleagues and clients.

Artificial Intelligence to Drive Growth

Our AI-driven processes leverage Exdion’s proprietary EXTRACT engine. Our solutions trigger automated workflows based on the data unlocked from unstructured policies and other documents. Exdion’s AI can enable automatic file indexing, all the way through enabling your AMS updates, post-issuance. The technology is delivering quicker sales cycles through AI-driven Producer Enablement, Coverage gap assessments, and Quote Comparison. Exdion’s AI extends to compliance and E&O risk mitigation by checking policies and endorsements.

Intelligent Automation

Our team of insurance professionals creates smart business processes. We help you redefine the future workforce using the latest automation tools. Exdion has deployed numerous BOTS to assist with a variety of process areas across the policy lifecycle. Processes like document downloads, renewals, quoting, and submissions have been most widely deployed. We bring strong API integration capabilities, cutting across both Vertafore and Applied, external applications like quoting engines, and other data sources. Our professionals manage and maintain these BOTS, delivering unmatched business outcomes. We relieve your teams to focus on business-critical and client-facing functions.

Data Management and Analytics

Unleash the power of data with our advanced data management and analytics services. We help you gather, analyze, and derive valuable insights from data, enabling informed decision-making and strategic planning.

How to connect with us!

Partnering with Exdion is a strategic move to foster your long-term business growth. We are delighted to invite you to talk to us about options for working together.

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