Exdion leadership support for safety, trust in #AI

Exdion leadership support for safety, trust in #AI

The US government’s landmark Executive Order signed by President Biden to guide the development and safe use of artificial intelligence has been welcomed by Exdion Solutions.

The Order aims to establish new standards for AI safety and security, “protecting privacy, advancing equity and civil rights and protecting consumers and workers”.

Signing the Order, President Biden said it was the first time any government globally had outlined such a strong and sweeping set of actions on safety, security and trust in order to avoid risk and realize the promise of AI.

Welcoming the announcement, Exdion Solutions founder and CEO L.S Ram says the executive order is a positive first step towards addressing community concerns by developing safeguards around the rapidly evolving uses of artificial intelligence.

He says Exdion supports regulations that harness the benefits of artificial intelligence while mitigating the risks.

Any technological advancement can lead to abuse as well as use. AI has the potential to be abused with significant ramifications, given its potential,” he said.

“Many nations have been discussing regulations and with the US taking the lead, we would hope to see more action being taken around the world.

“Exdion strongly endorses President Biden’s call for responsible innovation,” Ram said.  “Our mantra is humane technology, putting people first by making their jobs and lives better through the ethical use of advanced technology.”

As an industry leader in the use of artificial intelligence for the healthcare and insurance sectors, Exdion sees the most positive and transformative solutions achieved using AI.

“We work on a daily basis with companies embracing advanced technology for the benefit of their business goals, their employee satisfaction and overall value-adding to the services they deliver,” Ram said.

“Exdion through its domain experts Exdion Insurance and Exdion Health, is committed to a people-centric approach to technology solutions.”

He said he looked forward to hearing more when Vice President Harris took the Executive Order discussion to world leaders at the AI Safety Summit 2023 in the United Kingdom this week (11/1 -11/2).

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