Exdion Quote Compare

Comparing multiple quotes is always a hassle. Quote Compare does this for you with just one click!

Exdion Quote Compare

Exdion Quote Compare is an independent module of the Exdion Edge Suite, our proprietary AI/ML platform supporting informed and intelligent management of the complete insurance policy life cycle.

Exdion Quote Compare automates the collection and analysis of data required for insurance policy submissions from multiple carriers. It supports identification of the appropriate coverage and premium pricing for complex risks, to meet your clients’ needs. It eliminates the burden of manual processing and in effect improves the speed and accuracy of analysing carrier quotes. The powerful AI technology underlying Exdion Quote Compare is based on profound experience of many decades of human intelligence to assist you in identifying the appropriate coverage and price instantly and correctly. It manages any quote from any carrier regardless of the data format.

Exdion Quote Compare facilitates the Account Manager to make fair market decisions that are data driven and best align with the interests of your clients.

Data Insights & Analytics for Smart Decision-making

Our dynamic carrier insights offer real-time analysis for 58 data fields through our customizable dashboards. The agenices who use Exdion Quote Compare can avail these to draw inferences specific to coverages, deductibles, and premiums.

Unique Features of Exdion Quote Compare

  • A configurable scoring functionality that sets parameters for preferred carriers, risk coverage, pricing, claims service, etc resulting in quick and optimal decisions.
  • Quickly compare critical data elements across multiple carrier quotes.
  • Process and publish granular LOB level details at a click.
  • X-Ray viewer provides a side-by-side view of compared quotes with highlights.
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Partner with Exdion & be future ready

How The Platform Works?

Exdion Quote Compare is an AI and ML built solution that extracts relevant information embedded in unstructured data from quotes submitted by various carriers. The solution can extract data from secured, scanned, and native PDF documents and check for 57 data points across all lines of insurance. Data extracted goes through multiple complex processes like noise elimination, comparison to identify matched data points and reduction of variances. A report is delivered via email as a .XLSX attachment. Quote Comparison is a smart way to find the best quotes in just a few minutes and is an outstanding & powerful solution supporting producers in making pertinent coverage and market selection decisions. 

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