Flattening the process using artificial intelligence

Exdion Insurance is an industry expert in using artificial intelligence and machine learning for the digitization of business processes.

We use advanced AI technology to transform processes in your business, helping you to flatten the process to extract efficiency significantly and improve customer experience/s, while at the same time finding new ways of maximizing the profitable use of your own data.

Streamlining and simplifying steps, removing manual and time-consuming activities, makes your business more efficient and effective thus future-proofs your business.

Our deeply experienced insurance leaders understand the broker and carrier business so we know the many touch points involved and the time it takes to share large amounts of data around your business every day, week and month.

Exdion Insurance has award winning AI technology developed in-house, tested and improved over many years and a track record of success with 12 of the Top 50 global insurance brokers.

Exdion Insurance President and CEO Steven Salar said: “Exdion has invested for many years in people, processes, and tools to ensure our AI and machine learning technology is world class.

“Through our deep domain knowledge, we are an established and trusted AI capability partner for leading insurance businesses in the US.

“I like to say we are AI and process driven. We are not another vendor to make your business more complex, rather we will smooth out/ flatten the processes and give your business an end-to-end service which may mean you have less vendors and outsourcing arrangements to handle.

“We are customer centric. We get to know your business and only architect solutions around what you need,” he said.

“Exdion takes an overarching view of your business with the aim of flattening and driving straight through processes for you using AI and integrating such solutions seamlessly into existing technology solutions.

“We leverage powerful data analytics to produce information about your broker business you can use to find new ways of making a profit.”

Contact Exdion Insurance for a confidential discussion about how AI and machine learning can help you to flatten the process.

Flattening the process with efficient technology-driven processes, data extraction, use and analytics.

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