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There are many financial tools and services available throughout the world today. Aiming to aid the development and security of an individual, many methods and devices have been created by financial institutions to present to the general public for the benefit of the greater good.
While we are living in a time of great prosperity and development, there are still so many risks that people are exposed to that keep them from attaining the stability that should be a given in today’s world. Families, individuals, organizations, real estate, along with numerous other assets are continually in a place of susceptibility. They can be lost due to external unforeseen circumstances at any time. Such experiences prevent people from being in a place where they can be calm and prepared for the future. This is why the importance of insurance in the world today cannot ever be understated.
Getting an insurance quote nowadays seems to be quite a challenge. This is because there are multiple carriers available on the market today. There are thousands of factors that need to be looked at before creating a policy. The details and coverage provided under such policies by various providers, in turn, create a chain reaction that affects the price at which any carrier presents a quote. This makes it nearly a human impossibility to manually dissect and assess the various factors that go into devising a policy and presenting a quote. There may be millions of words used in the fine print that makes it impossible to know what is covered and what isn’t. This is what causes a high level of variation in quotes provided by different insurers in the industry. At Exdion, we have gone to great lengths to develop a software that allows you to compare insurance quotes from different providers across the market.

Exdion Quote Software

Quote Compare is an AI-driven insurance quoting software that we have developed for assessing mid-market and complex risks. The technology compares your insurance proposal automatically with multiple carrier coverage quotes to find the best deal. This helps your clients trust you further as they know they are getting the best possible deal from your end.
Quote Compare provides the user with key coverage areas in each carrier's quote and reports items and factors by the carrier, enabling easy comparison of available options. This rapid quote comparison process will check critical coverages available on the provider quotes and summarize them.
Here are a few benefits of using our quote comparison software:

  • Automation - Quote Compare, being a quoting software for insurance gathers all the data available on the market today. After compilation and analysis, you will receive a direct comparison of quotes given by different carriers across the market. It also saves your employees the time of having to manually go through, review, and compare thousands of quotes.
  • Efficiency - It minimizes the time it takes for your customers to respond, as they readily have a list of quotes to compare in front of them. This saves both parties a lot of time when it comes to narrowing down a policy to choose.
  • Multiple uses - Quote Compare has a broad range of functionality. It can be used as a Life Insurance Quoting Software, Health Insurance Quoting Software, and even as an Auto Insurance Quoting Software. It can compare insurance quotes from multiple carriers across different kinds of coverage being provided.
  • Productivity - It increases productivity in your company since you will no longer have to manually go through tons and tons of data to compare and analyze what coverage is being provided under what quote in the market today. Our insurance quoting software will help you arrive at making the most logical choice.

Quote Compare makes use of data extraction from the various areas. This can be in the form of premium pricing, retentions, limits, and exclusions to provide a comprehensive overview. The uses of this insurance quoting software in the market today are unparalleled, as it is unique. As a comprehensive digital platform for the insurance sector, we at Exdion employ AI, ML, NLP, and other automation methods to make it easier for you to provide coverage to your customers as the end result. Exdion brings the technological solutions of tomorrow for your use today.

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