What should you expect from Exdion @ Applied Net 2022, Nashville Event?

Are you ready to transform your business?

It's almost time for Applied Net 2022! We are excited to inform you that top minds in insurance domain are coming to speak at the event. These speakers have been a part of some of the biggest changes in the industry, and they're ready to share their knowledge with you. This event is indeed going to be a massive connected insurance experience for all the insurance enthusiasts out there.

Applied Net 2022 is an intensive, immersive conference where you will be gaining rich knowledge about the insurance world coupled with great networking opportunities. There is also an enormous exhibit of cutting-edge technologies to help you keep your finger on the pulse of the industry.

The event takes place from October 2-5 in Nashville. Registration opens on October 1st at 3 pm ET. We believe that this event will be one-of-a-kind experience for all the insurance professionals and we want YOU to be a part of it!

Why should you attend?

Applied Net 2022 is your chance to learn about the latest trends, technologies, and tools in the insurance landscape. Whether you're an insurance professional, customer service rep, HR Manager, marketing specialist or even an accountant or agency owner, you'll find out what's happening in the world of insurance and gain valuable insight into how your company can stay ahead of the curve.

Here are a few reasons why we think you should join us in Nashville.

  • Unlimited Learning

    The event features top presenters from across the country who will share their knowledge about everything from artificial intelligence to sales and marketing, to insurer connectivity and data analytics. Apart from expert lectures, there will be hands-on workshops, a showcase of hottest services and products of the industry along with the latest digital updates that can transform your business.

  • Grow your Network

    This year, the event is going to be more electrifying as it is in-person. It will be a great networking platform that lets you connect with fellow professionals in the insurance.

  • Select the best program

    This year the event has made your search even better. You can select the programs or even attend lectures based on your profession and interests in persona-based list. There is also a browse by technology tab that helps you differentiate and pick the lectures on the latest insurance tools.

  • Capture the Essence of Music City

    If that doesn't convince you, did we mention you can experience a taste of music in the host city? Yes, Nashville, the capital of Tennessee, is a city that lives and breathes music. Home to the Country Music Hall of Fame, Nashville is filled with legendary artists who have made the city their home. There will be exhilarating concerts in the evenings and happy hours in the beautiful city that will spice up your regular routine.

Exdion: State of the art technology display

At the event, Exdion will showcase cutting-edge technologies like insurance policy check and its quote comparison software - QComp that can augment productivity and reduce costs.

Keeping a track of your agency's clients, policies and reports can be time consuming and result in lot of hassles There are many chances of errors occurring at the policies collection stage than at any other stage. Exdion developed automated solutions for insurance policy checking and agency management systems that can boost this process.

Exdion policy checking software is a next generation policy checking automation tool and approval system that automates agency operations from policy generation to policy issuance. Our software helps streamline the entire agency management system operation, reduce human errors and optimize performance. This enables you to improve your customer service across all channels. Our product experts will give you a brief overview of the software at the event.

Apart from the policy checking software, Exdion also presents you it's one of a kind Quote comparison software. Finding an affordable insurance that meets your clients' needs can be stressful and tricky. Customer sales representatives usually spend long hours selecting for the right quote. Exdion Insurance Quote comparison is an easy-to-use platform that enables you to compare insurers' quotes in one single application and understand the price difference between different policies to get key metrics at a glance.

We are the one-stop solution for all your insurance needs. By seamlessly connecting you to multiple insurance providers, Exdion Quote Comparison Software empowers you to compare and choose the right insurance policy at a single glance. Come and witness Exdion’s amazing quote comparison software benefits.

Elevate your Insurance Business into the Future

At Applied Net conference, it's all about creating a connected insurance experience that helps you to digitise the whole customer engagement process and empowers you to make smart choices. You'll learn how to keep your customers happy, protect their privacy and make sure they're getting the right coverage. The event hosts eminent speakers and exhibits top-of-the-line software that can help managing your business. Applied Net is going to be a game-changer and we want you to be one of the first people there!

If you're interested in learning more about how Exdion can help you navigate the changing landscape of insurance, Register NOW!

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