How did ExdionEDGE Insurance Policy Check Helped James G Parker Save 75%

As we stated in our previous blog, the insurance industry has been a paper-intensive industry with repetitive, manual processes. There is always the looming risk of Errors and Omissions (E&O). This is why insurance leaders are looking for ways to streamline their most tedious and repetitive yet essential processes. 

A recent McKinsey report states that AI and its related technologies will have a seismic impact on all aspects of the insurance industry. 

Speaking about the challenges at James G Parker Insurance Associates, the Corporate Operations Manager, Karen Simmons shares, “There are a lot of interruptions like receiving phone calls and general chatting throughout the day, which leads to several pauses in the policy checking process. Restarting the checking process from a different section becomes even more challenging and there is always a constant fear of errors and omissions.” 

Customer Testimonial , Karen Simmons Corporate Operations Manager - James G Parker Insurance Associates

By implementing AI-based solutions, insurance brokers and agents can benefit immensely in making their workflows smooth. Embracing these technologies can greatly optimize labor-intensive processes to mitigate risks, optimize costs and maintain market dominance. 

Spanning all the stages of the insurance policy lifecycle, automation helps cut costs, speed up decisions and improve customer experience. 

ExdionEDGE helps brokers automate the insurance policy life cycle by leveraging the latest, state-of-the-art technology including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing. It boosts efficiency, improves accuracy, speeds up processes while lowering costs. 

The ExdionEDGE platform integrates dynamically with various pieces of the policy lifecycle like - renewal, new business acquisition, policy issuance administration and carrier coverage analysis, for a seamless automation of several time-consuming processes that are often done manually. It provides a suite of products including policy check, quote compare, renewal, compliance and data. It offers brokers the opportunity to tailor and streamline policy lifecycle procedures as a response to evolving customer needs. The result: best-in-class, lean and scalable processes. 

Exdion Xtract platform

Especially when it comes to policy checking, James G has been able to accelerate end-to-end insurance processes. “We've leveraged digital technology by using ExdionEDGE. We forward all our policies there to be checked thoroughly with the help of Automation and Artificial Intelligence. This eliminates any interruptions that an account manager would have in checking that policy.” Said Karen Simmons. 

Exdion is the first company to offer a comprehensive suite of insurance policy management software designed specifically to address the ongoing industry issues of manual processing, employee overload, increased expenses, broker errors and omissions. 

Sandeep Deva, Vice President of Product Development - Exdion 

“We have harnessed the latest technology to create a suite of products that will alter and improve how brokers manage their most important services” explains Sandeep Deva, Vice President of Product Development, Exdion.

At James G, the transformation has been quick and the benefits quite obvious. “With the help of Artificial Intelligence checklist, you're not missing anything. We've been able to embrace change pretty easily from the standpoint that seemed too difficult. Ever since CSRs and account managers realized the amount of time, they're saving by utilizing automation, change has been a whole lot easier.” Karen added. 

“ExdionEDGE offers brokers the ability to obtain the best coverage available to meet the needs of their clients. Our suite of products dramatically improves internal processes and reduces expense costs while accelerating the productivity of employees throughout the organization. In addition, it draws important insights into the policy issuance process using its ability to extract information from unstructured data,” said Deva. 

Karen Simmons shared her experience of working with Exdion, adding that “We look for experience and knowledge about insurance. It's crucial that they know things about insurance in order to help and work with us. Exdion has met our expectations and by far exceeded them. They met our owners and spent three weeks with our agency, going through all our processes and procedures. Thereafter, they suggested what was needed for us to implement automation and accomplish the efficiencies that we wanted.” 

There is no intent to eliminate the human element from insurance. Still, there are several areas in the Insurance Policy Lifecycle where carriers can benefit by introducing AI-based automation. The obvious areas are the ones which are done through manual processing and it is either too costly, tedious or unnecessary. 

Talking about the journey towards implementing ExdionEDGE, Karen says, “When we started with automation using ExdionEDGE, I had my team do manual checks and then do the automation to check it against the checklist. I asked them about the time savings on a small policy. They said it would take them approximately 15 to 20 minutes when checking a small policy. By utilizing the checklist, it got down to five minutes.” 

Simmons added that, “A medium-sized policy took 30 to 40 minutes but with ExdionEDGE it took my team 15 minutes. When checking a large policy with large fleets or equipment, it would take them two to three hours depending on the size of the policy. With ExdionEDGE, the team could run through the checklist in 30 to 40 minutes so we realized a huge amount of time savings.”  


Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) and AI can empower the insurance industry by optimizing the business processes across the insurance value chain. An end-to-end solution can smoothen out the tedium of front and back-office tasks. It’s time to redefine and optimize insurance processes with the help of cutting-edge technologies. 

Conveying her experience with ExdionEDGE, Karen says, “The investment is well worth it. Our staff would never go back to doing things manually. They've realized how automation has helped them. Our teams are now focused on sales, services and relationship building. We're taking away things that are clerical and mundane, allowing them to focus on what’s strategic.” 

What’s ExdionEDGE? 

The first product in the ExdionEDGE family is Exdion Policy Check. Introduced to the market in 2019, it counts major U.S. brokerage firms among its customers. Exdion Policy Check automates the process of policy issuance, speeding up the delivery of a final insurance policy to the broker’s clients within days rather than weeks and months. 

ExdionEDGE includes: 

  • Exdion POLICY CHECK: The product analyzes insurance policies, carrier quotes, limits, exclusions all policy language to identify and correct E&O. 
  • Exdion QCOMP: Automatically compares multiple carrier coverage quotes with the broker’s insurance proposal. 
  • Exdion QREV: QREV analyzes carriers’ quotes and recommends the best quote. 
  • Exdion RNU: RNU automates the renewal process that begins 120 days prior to the renewal date. 
  • Exdion DATA: DATA extracts important unstructured data from policies, carrier quotes, proposals ACORD forms for higher-level analytics. 
  • Exdion CCR: CCR is a contract compliance review that focuses on certificate issues and other related insurance policy documents. 


Exdion Solutions is an Insurtech company that partners with Insurance agencies and brokers to digitally transform their businesses and make them future-ready. 

Servicing some of the most successful global insurance businesses, Exdion Solutions focuses on delivering sophisticated technology through simple, flexible affordable engagement models. 

Exdion delivers a suite of digitization tools and platforms that work in tandem with agency management systems cutting across new business generation, renewals and compliances. To learn more about how Exdion can help take your insurance business to the next level, get in touch with us. 

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