to a future-ready insurance business

As the premier digital and AI strategy partner for insurance brokers in the US, Exdion delivers end-to-end solutions tailored to your specific business requirements.

We work with you to identify how our advanced technology can help you achieve your vision.

Our agency and broker expertise - combined with our innovative technology leadership - is unsurpassed in the insurance industry.

Exdion is an industry sector pioneer in artificial intelligence and machine learning, and our advanced technology is finely tuned to the needs of brokers.



View your business with a fresh perspective using our AI and machine learning to uncover new profitable opportunities.


Identify where AI can automate processes – and potentially save on costly BPO operations.


Use AI to optimize your processes and systems, so you can reduce the risk of E&O and manage your compliance seamlessly.


An Endless Array of Solutions

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Exdion Insurance President S. Steven Salar

“AI and machine learning have arrived and are here to stay. It’s really a question of what insurance brokers (and carriers) will do to adapt and be future-ready. When we talk to client brokers and agencies, we are focusing on the overall economic benefits that can be obtained from using AI and machine learning. It’s not about plugging something in and hoping it works. New technology like AI learns and grows, and the solutions it can create are endless.”


Make profits in ways your business has not already identified using fast and accurate, real-time data and analytics.


Reduce costs and automate processes previously sent offshore.


Reduce errors by managing compliance through our end-to-end Compliance as a Service Technology (CaaST) solutions.

Freedom to be You!

When you use advanced technology, one size doesn’t fit all. We introduce AI and machine learning to form end-to-end solutions around your business, with a customized framework that adapts to become unique to you.

Your Innovation Partner

We are passionate about the potential of artificial intelligence to give your insurance business the edge to thrive in a digital world.

We aren’t here to make your business more complex. But we will smooth out and flatten the processes and give your business an end-to-end service which may mean you have less third-parties, vendors and outsourcing arrangements to manage.

Let’s Create Solutions Together

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AI flattening the Process


Touch points in your likely broker or agency business – a zig zag of time and repetition, can be flattened using AI.

Ask How We Do It

An Invitation To Connect With Us

If you are planning for your future business success, and are ready to talk about enhancing your profitability with artificial intelligence and machine learning, please contact us to arrange a confidential, preliminary discussion with our AI and business transformation leadership.

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